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Muggleton, Robert Alexander (1874 - 1955)

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University of New England and Regional Archives, Heritage Centre
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Collection Title:Muggleton Reminiscences
Date Range:1874 - 1955

Reminiscences. A bound typescript collection of reminiscences entitled 'Things I Remember, The Reminiscences and Stories of Robert A. Muggleton, 1874-1955'. This collection of memories was written by Robert Muggleton for the Richmond River Historical Society in 1953. Contained in these reminiscences are stories about the pioneers of the Manilla District, the life of the aborigines, and the process of shearing. Robert Muggleton spent his early life in the Manilla district of NSW Towards the turn of the century, he moved to the North Coast.

Formats:1 volume
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Published by The Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre, 5 April 2004
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