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Robertson Family of 'Strachan'

University of New England and Regional Archives, Heritage Centre
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Date Range:1837 -

The three items in this small, but interesting, accession are: (i) Diary, ledger and notebook (1 vol.) Of Arthur Wellesly Robertson. The diary runs from 12 February to 30 July 1837 and describes a voyage from Scotland to Van Diemen's Land aboard the barque Perthshire. The ledger (in a different hand - probably R.R.C. Robertson's) dates from 1844 to 1846 and records issues of stores and rations (probably at 'Wellington Vale'). The scanty notes on other pages relate mainly to wool weights. (ii) Station diary (1842) and notebook (1842-1846) of Robert Reid Cuninghame Robertson; and (iii) Framed portrait of R.R.C. Robertson (undated, but probably 1870s). Arthur Wellesly Robertson took up 'Wellington Vale' in 1838 and named it after his godfather, the Duke of Wellington. R.R.C. Robertson was A.W.R's brother.

Formats:2 vols and 1 portrait
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Published by The Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre, 5 April 2004
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