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Aboriginal Research Collection

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Location: Newcastle, New South Wales

The Aborigianal Research Collection of the University of Newcastle is vast and contains many unique records and artifacts. Specifically, it contains records of the Koori (or Goori) culture and traditions, rock and cave art from the Hunter Valley and a collection of weapons and artifacts.

The University of Newcastles Aboriginal research collection contains contributions from: the Aboriginal Co-operative Society - Newcastle Awabakal culture class, Rochelle Ball, Stan Brown, the Communist Party of Australia, Mr M. Copley, Jean Easthope, Percy Haslam, Mr Brian Laut, Peter Muller, the Newcastle Trades Hall Council, the NSW Legislative Committee, Irwin Page, Janice Pearson, the Purfleet Special Works Project, the Bernard Van Leer Foundation Action Research Project, Mrs Rita Smith and Canon Carlos Stretch. The page also contains a further set of external links.
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