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Stanton, George Henry (1835 - 1905)

B.A., M.A., D.D.
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Born: 1835  Stratford, Essex, England.  Died: 1905  Morpeth, New South Wales.

George Stanton was born in Essex, England in 1835. He served as Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle from 1890 until his death in 1905.

Career Highlights
George Stanton was born in 1835. He studied at the Merchant Taylor' school and later at Hertford College, Oxford. He received a Bachelor of Arts in 1859, a Master of Arts in 1862 and a Doctor of Divinity in 1878. Stanton became a deacon in 1858 and in 1867 he became vicar of the Holy Trinity Church at St Giles-in-the-Fields. In 1878, Stanton was selected to become the first bishop of North Queensland. Stanton was faced with the pressing concerns of too few clergy and insufficient funds but through perseverance and dedication, Stanton managed to overcome these difficulties and by 1889 he had overseen the construction of ten new churches. In 1890, Stanton accepted the position as bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle. Stanton consolidated the work of his predecessors and undertook the construction of a permanent cathedral. Stanton was a studious man who read widely in the fields of science, theology and philosophy. He also had excellent administrative skills and managed to chose good staff, several of whom went on to become bishops in their own right. Stanton was an extremely popular man and it was said that "he was a simple and deeply spiritual soul marked by utter humility and utter devotion of the whole life to the service of God and of man for God's sake." Bishop Stanton died of a heart disease in 1905. He bequeathed 2000 to the Diocese to help theological students.
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