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Stephen, Reginald (1860 - 1956)

B.A., M.A.
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Born: 1860  Geelong, Victoria.  Died: 1956  Kew, Victoria.

Reginald Stephen was born in Geelong, Victoria in 1956. He served as Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle from 1919 to 1928. He was also responsible for the relocation of St John's theological college from Armidale to its current site at Morpeth.

Career Highlights
Reginald Stephen was born in 1860 to English parents. Stephen was educated at the Geelong Church of England Grammar school and later at Trinity College, which is a college of the University of Melbourne. He received a Bachelor of Arts in 1882 and a Master of Arts in 1884. Stephen was made a deacon in 1883 and was ordained priest in 1884. In 1889 Stephen returned to Trinity College to serve as a subwarden and a chaplain. Stephen was appointed head of the of the new St John's Theological College at St Kilda. In 1914 Stephen was elected bishop of Tasmania. At first Stephen felt challenged by Tasmania, especially as he had to try and smooth over tension created by the previous bishop J.E. Mercer who was a noted socialist. Soon however Stephen began to feel that there was little scope for his talents in Tasmania and, with the help of his colleague from Trinity College and the outgoing bishop, John Francis Stretch, Stephen was elected bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle. Stephen did a competent job coping with the difficult post-war problems facing the region, choosing popular and effective assistants. His major achievement as Bishop of Newcastle was to arrange the movement of the inter-diocesan St John's college from Armidale to its current site at Morpeth where it was under Newcastle's control. Stephen also managed to found two new grammar schools. However, by 1928 Bishop Stephen grew tired of the demands of his position and he left the diocese and returned to Melbourne where he lived in semi-retirement until his death in 1956.
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