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South Coast Organisation Opposing Pollution (1970 - 1972)

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The South Coast Organisation Opposing Pollution was established on 13 September 1970 as a committee of the Hughes Federal Electorate Council [ALP] to inquire into and publicise the activities of Clutha Development Pty. Ltd. The company proposed constructing a railway line between its coal mines in the Burragorang to the coastal village of Coalcliff where a stockpile and marine terminal would be established. When the NSW Parliament passed the Clutha Development Pty Limited Agreement Act in December 1970, S.C.O.O.P. joined with other concerned bodies to establish the Clutha Committee. This committee acted as the co-ordinating force in the campaign against Clutha. On 8 February 1972, the company announced the abandonment of its plans. S.C.O.O.P. was disbanded in the same month.

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