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Harrigan Family

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Edward Harrigan received a land grant of sixty acres at Fairy meadow in 1829. His grandson Herbert Ernest Harrigan opened the first motor garage and later the first Ford agency in Wollongong. The business began in 1907 and was conducted from premises on the southern side of Crown Street near the Keira Street intersection. In 1912 new promises on Crown Lane were taken over. In addition to Ford vehicles, the Company also retailed Humber, Sunbeam and Hillman vehicles and carried out general mechanical repairs. In 1947, H E Harrigan and his sons R E and D N Harrigan formed Harrigan and Sons Pty Ltd. The business moved to new promises in Corrimal Street in 1972 and the family sold its interests soon after.

Prepared by: Sophie Patrick
Created: 18 July 2002
Modified: 31 March 2006

Published by The Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre, 5 April 2004
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