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Biographical entry - Explanation of the fields

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ISAAR(CPF) Reference

Surname, First names (Year of birth - Year of death)

1.3 Authority Entry
Related Entities Online Resources Archival Resources Published Resources Image(s)
Occupation, field of interest and/or sphere of activity 2.2.6 Occupation, sphere of activity
Born: date of birth and place of birth (if known).   Died: date of death and place of death (if known) 2.2.3 Date and Place of Existence
A summary note, highlighting achievements, interests and any events of signficance. 2.2.6 Occupation, sphere of activity

Career Highlights

Further details of life and achievements, including medals and awards
2.2.6 Occupation, sphere of activity and
2.2.9 Other Signficant Information

Related Entities

Relationships of entity to other entities
2.2.8 Relationships

Online Resources

A list of online resources for the biographical entity

Archival Resources

Link to a page detailing archival or other primary resources for the entity.

Published Resources

Link to a page detailing published and other secondary resources for the entity including any online resources.


Link to a page with digital and other objects for the entity.

Structure based on ISAAR(CPF) - click here for an explanation of the fields. Prepared by: Joanne Evans
Created: 23 Feb 2010
Last modified: 23 Feb 2010
3.2 Rules or Conventions 3.1 Archivist's Note

Published by The Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre, 5 April 2004
Prepared by: Acknowledgements
Updated: 23 February 2010

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