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Wyndham and Glennie Families (1828 - 1979)

Glennie Family
Archival Resources
Location: Dalwood, New South Wales

The Wyndam family settled in Dalwood near Branxton in 1828 where they commenced farming. The records containg farming and bible notes as well as cattle muster records. The Glennie family papers relate to Rev. Alfred Glennie of Brisbane.

The Wyndam family settled in Dalwood near Branxton in 1828. They planted vineyards and began farming. They also built a stone house with Doric columns. The Wyndams also aquired extensive lands on Hunter and on the Richmond and Macintyre Rivers. The Wyndam family records are among the oldest in Australia and contain farming notes, bible notes and detailed records of cattle musters on the Macintyre River from 1839-1842. The records of the Glennie family relate to pioneer Anglican clergyman, Rev Alfred Glennie of Brisbane and Lochinvar whose diaries were published by the Gosford District Local History Study Group in 1987.

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Created: 18 July 2002
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