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Wyndham, Celia (1834 - c. 1925)

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Born: 29 November 1834  Harlow, England.  Died: c. November 1925  Inverell, New South Wales.

Celia arrived in Australia in January 1854 on the Samareng with her mother and siblings, her father, Dr Haylock, already having set up practice as a doctor in Port Macquarie, where they joined him. After a few years, the family moved to Walcha and subsequently to Penrith.

In 1862 Celia married Hugh Wyndham of Bukkulla Station near Inverell. The station was well-known for its fine quality horse-breeding, wool and cattle. Celia did not employ a governess but taught her children and did her own sewing. She was one of the early European pioneers of the district.

[Brief Biography compiled by Robin Hammond, January/February 2004]

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